Skype/Video Counselling

Sheila O'Donovan

Skype/Video counselling has grown in popularity, as it offers more affordable and convenient therapy for people who would otherwise have difficulty travelling to a therapist. Also, it offers more flexible counselling hours and is not geographically bound.

Skype/video counselling allows you to connect with your therapist from your own home, or wherever you are. This means that, even if you're travelling for business, you can meet with your therapist without missing an appointment.

Studies show that Skype counselling works as well as seeing someone in person, and in the case of some disorders it can work even better than traditional, in person therapy.

Skype video counselling works well for many types of psychological interventions, including, relationship issues, stress and anxiety, family counselling, mediation and more.

Art therapy with children, adolescents an adults can also be done over Skype and video conferencing.